Shamanism and systemic work are an integral part of my life and work.

In 1995 my life took a turn towards living in connection with everything that is, in a quite unexpected and uncomfortable way. Read my blog how Shamanism enterd my life:https://www.desystemischeblik.nl/crazywise/

 In 1997 I had the privilege to be part of  a familieconstellation in Germany, lead by Bert Hellinger  and got hooked on constellation work. By 2003 I was a certified systemic facilitator ( Bert Hellinger Institute, Groningen,The Netherlands).

Since then, I never stopped to explore our human relationship with al our relations, human or non human.

I offer workshops and trainings for people who are interessed in exploring and deepening their connection with Spiritworld. Currently these trainings take place in the Netherlands, where I live. If you are interessted to host a training elsewhere please contact me via https://www.desystemischeblik.nl/contact2/

If you would like to shedule a zoom meeting for an individual session, to find out more about your own connection to ancestors, spirithelpers and guides. Or if you have a serious issue in your life, where you would like some light shed on from a different angle, from the Spiritrealm, from the field of ancient wisdom, contact me via https://www.desystemischeblik.nl/contact2/ 

If you would like to read more about Shamanism check out the website of Daan van Kampenhout, my teacher, mentor and friend  http://daanvankampenhout.com/en/