Shamanism and systemic work as tools to restore balance and harmony in corporate, personal and private life is my main focus in life.

Why Shamanism and systemic work?

Because both systemic work and Shamanism take into account, that we as humans  are influenced by forces that are greater than we are. These forces work in the half conscious or unconscious and steer our thoughts, behavior and how we relate to people and surroundings. We can't access them through analytical thinking or rational thought. Systemic  coaching, constellation work and Shamanic techniques facilitate access to these (unconscious) fields. They help to bring content into the conscious, where it can be seen and felt. 

This alone is freeing and offers a choice: To stay with this content or to say goodbye. 

To experience that we humans are part taking in greater connections and that we  are related to everything that is, brings a certain calmness and flexibility that benefits all.

In 1995 my life took a turn towards living in connection with everything that is, in a quite unexpected and uncomfortable way. Read my blog how Shamanism entered my life:

In 1997 I had the privilege to be part of  a family constellation in Germany, lead by Bert Hellinger  and got hooked on constellation work. By 2003 I was a certified systemic facilitator ( Bert Hellinger Institute, Groningen,The Netherlands).

Since then, I never stopped to explore our human relationship with all our relations, human or non human.

And I continue to venture into all kind of systemic fields restoring balance between the seen and the unseen.

Questions you may have:

Personal, private or corporate questions where systemic work or Shamanism may have unconventional answers may be:

  • Do you have a serious issue, that keeps troubling you in your life?
  • In your work field?
  • Your relationship?
  • Your personal life? 

Where you would like some insight from a different viewpoint, the Spirit realm? To restore life force and balance?

  • Do you want to find out more about your own connection to your ancestors, Spirit helpers and guides?
  • Do you have a spiritual emergency?

Feel free to contact me.


Individual session 90-120 minutes : 205 € Vat free

Please contact me to schedule a  online session via:

If you would like to read more about Shamanism check out the website of Daan van Kampenhout, my teacher, mentor and friend

I offer workshops and seminars for people who are interested in exploring and deepening their connection with Spirit-world. Currently these training's take place in the Netherlands, where I live. If you are interested to host a training elsewhere please contact me via

"Combination of great talent, dedication and life experience...

“In the twenty five years, that I know Sabine,I was impressed again and again about her skills as a shamanic practitioner. A combination  of great talent, dedication and life experience gives her communication with Spirit  an unique quality.I recommend her work to everybody who would like to explore the beauty and possibilities of  Shamanism."

Daan van Kampenhout  //  Author of a.o. Handbook Shamanism, Tears of the Ancestors, Images of the Soul.

Daan van Kampenhout , Sabine Obermayr Adamzek, Utrecht 2018, Sjamanisme

Daan van Kampenhout , Sabine Obermayr Adamzek, Utrecht 2018

Every session is a journey. Be ready. Sabine is extremely knowledgeable and truly devoted to what she does. She is with you every second, firmly holding space for you. Sabine’s s work is bespoke, efficient and resultative. Many thanks Sabine for being with me on my life path.

March 2021,Polina Ch.

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